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Your Duties As An Estio Support Worker

Article Date: 24-11-2018

With it being so close to Christmas and everyone seeming more and more excited as the days go by, we’d like to remind all workers of your duties over the holiday period this year and what we expect of you going forward.

The Gift Policy is essential in safeguarding our clients over birthdays, Christmas and other holiday seasons. Please remember that not under any circumstances, should you ever give or receive gifts to/from clients. Estio Healthcare have a range of clients and no two of their Policies & Procedures are the same, therefore it’s virtually impossible to keep track of who you are permitted and not permitted to give and receive gifts from. Therefore, to avoid complication, we do not allow workers to communicate with clients via the medium of gifts, no matter how small the gesture may be. If a client offers you gifts, we ask that you politely decline and if they’re persistent we expect you to speak to the Home Manager.

Please be aware that if you’re a worker getting on public transport over the winter months, there are very likely to be delays, confusions and cancellations regarding train/bus times and therefore we ask that you check your route before you set off to see a client. It’s important to remember that lateness will receive a strike and repeated lateness will incur instant dismissal.

If you’re seeing unwanted emails from Estio Healthcare regarding available shifts this means that you haven’t told us your availability. We’ll therefore send you all the shifts we have available in your area and/or your preferred settings. These emails are likely to increase over the Christmas period as more staff take annual leave and the demand for Support Workers rises. To avoid unwanted emails, please ensure that you update your availability via the app or calling us on 01422357707.

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