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Your Christmas Availability

Article Date: 13-12-2018

If you’ve been active on social media as of late (@estiohealthcare) you’ll know that our Christmas preparations are well underway. As the holiday season commences, we’re ensuring all workers know when to hand in timesheet over the brief holiday break, know the benefits of working over the Christmas and now ensuring they understand the importance of Christmas Availability.

It’s at around this time of year when our clients’ own workers are most on often on annual leave and so making sure that we know when you’re available to work is all the more important. If your availability isn’t up to date you might not be considered for roles and you might be contacted when you don’t want to be.

If your availability changes we also need to know, especially if you’re booked onto a shift with a client, however please let it be known that you will receive a strike for changing your availability when booked onto a shift.

Similarly, we need to know if you become available as soon as possible so that we can get you booked onto shifts with immediate effect.

At Estio, making sure that our clients have cover at all times is an essential part of our business and by updating your availability as soon as possible, you’re ensuring that we can do that to the best of our extent. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the workers who are vigilant in frequently updating their availability.

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