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Why you should do a managing violence and aggression training course if you don’t want to work in mental health settings?

Article Date: 04-11-2019

Managing Violence and Aggression is a free course that Estio Healthcare offers in which Estio Team Members will gain an understanding of when a client is acting criminally, harmfully or in a way that could potentially danger themselves or a member of staff.

Managing Violence and Aggression is an area in which some Healthcare professionals often feel uncertain or ill prepared when faced with a scenario in which they have to act immediately. Behaviours that are considered challenging are most likely to appear in mental health settings as these clients are at a higher risk of finding it difficult to express their thoughts and emotions, however, it’s very possible that even those who don’t work in mental health settings could need to respond to similar scenarios.

That’s why we offer this course to all of our support workers regardless of which field they work in. Think about it, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re having to potentially restrain a client, you’re going to need to know the types of restraint, which type is most suited to the scenario and if you’re acting compliantly with regard to Estio Healthcare’s Policies and Procedures.

This is all covered in our Managing Violence and Aggression Training Course and we also cover Reporting Incidents of Violence and Use of Restraint. An extract from our Policies and Procedures document says “We work in accordance with The Task Force definition of violence to workers as ‘Incidents where persons are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work Involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well-being or health. This definition is taken to include verbal abuse or threat, threatening behaviour, any assault (and any apprehension of unlawful violence), and serious or persistent harassment, including racial or sexual harassment, and extends from what may seem to be minor incidents to serious assault and murder, and threats against the worker’s family.”

The wording above may seem confusing to some people, so to break it down, Estio Healthcare uses The Task Force definition of violence and the actions taken when this occurs. This means that in situations where our staff are being abused, we take into account if they are being threatened or assaulted. This also includes situations where our staff’s wellbeing or health is challenged or threatened directly or indirectly. This includes verbal abuse, threats, threatening behaviour, assault, and serious/persistent harassment. Serious/persistent harassment includes racial or sexual harassment.

The bottom line?

Working in healthcare brings new challenges every day, no matter what branch you work in. Isn’t it better to be equipped for anything that comes your way?

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