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What's So Good About Stockport?

Article Date: 30-01-2019

Are you familiar with Stockport? If you’re not, we think it’s time you get acquainted.

Let’s start you off easy with a little bit of trivia… Stockport is famous for having the world’s largest red brick built viaduct in the world and even to this day, it remains one of the world’s biggest brick structures. Oh, and you’ve heard of Fred Perry, right? – You can thank Stockport for your favourite late 90’s teenage fashion craze on that one. Okay, one more thing to finish off our trivia before we get into what’s really good about Stockport: Blossoms. No, we don’t mean blossom trees – we mean Blossoms, the hottest upcoming indie band produced from Stockport.

As you may have guessed, we’re really into Stockport. And here’s why…

Stockport ranks highly on our list of areas to work, especially for Healthcare Workers. There’s no shortage of work for Support Workers, Carers and Nurses and with Estio Healthcare’s competitive salaries there’s an extra incentive to work there.

Did you know the average support worker salary is £7.74 per hour?

Scrap that, we pay £8.78 per hour – that’s an extra £8 - £12 per shift that you take on with us, versus any other recruitment agency.

Stockport also has a thriving economy within itself, read this quote from the Manchester Evening News:

WHILE Stockport has attracted some of the country’s biggest companies the town also has its own unique local character and independent traders.

Global engineer MAN Diesel has its UK headquarters in Hazel Grove, while Sky located its customer services call centre – and 550 jobs  – to St Petersgate in the town centre.

Brewery Robinsons continues to thrive in the 21st century after it was located in Stockport in the 1830s. And there is a raft of independent shops across the town centre – many located in what is known as Stockport’s Historic Quarter, near the Market Place and Underbanks.”

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