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Vim's Amazing Charity Work

Article Date: 16-08-2019

Vimbai Mudyanadzo, or Vim for short, is an amazing Estio Healthcare Support Worker who has worked closely with us for years. Vim always goes above and beyond on her shifts and has taken this out of her working ours with her own charity that aims to…..

I recently caught up with Vim for more information on her great work.

Kungoyedzawo is a Zimbabwean Registered Children’s Charity and a UK Not for profit Organisation set up to raise funds, awareness and support to orphans and vulnerable children in rural Zimbabwe.

The charity is based in Zimbabwe in Buhera District in Manicaland Province.  There are 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school in the area, nearest town is 260km away. Our community does not have any training facilities for children after completing their GCSE O'levels.

After completing secondary education many children end up in urban areas looking for work. But with the current economic situation in Zimbabwe boys will end cross the border to find work many will end up in crime. Girls will look to get married or find work as house girls where they will be financially and sexually abused.  The situation is dire as desperation leads to prostitution and carelessness with most the children ending with HIV and Aids or being sex trafficked.

It is for this reason that our Charity is focusing on supporting young adults and vulnerable children. We want to help them reach their full potential and empower them to support their families and generations to come.

What does the charity do?

"We support children from the age of 6yrs to 21years. We provide educational resources including school fees, uniforms, and stationery. We also support disabled children living with families in the community."

We have 2 main objectives we want to achieve:

"Build a vocational training college in Zimbabwe starting with Buhera district. We have found that many of the youth in this district have no training for employability. This has created a life of crime, alcohol misuse and poverty for individuals and the community. We will offer practical subjects such as computers, business management, engineering, welding, fashion and design, food and nutrition, baking, hairdressing, driving, horticulture farming and building.

We believe training will give these young people a start with their career path helping them to have a choice of working for themselves or find employment. The college will be a community hub for activities for young people including sports, library and entertainment. The college will self sustain itself for example developing an irrigation scheme for students training for agriculture and horticulture providing the community with natural nutrients.

The children's home will cater for disabled children in the area. We found that there were many disabled children living with relatives who were struggling to support their daily needs. Most of the children were orphans or abandoned. All the children we assessed were in need of mobility aids including wheelchairs, food, education and general upkeep. Food, education and their upkeep will be provided.

We have acquired land to build both the vocational training college and the children's home. We have 10.000 bricks on site. We are looking for funding for all building materials and furnishings for the projects. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated."

How can people get involved?

"People can donate on our website at www.kayctrust.org through PAYPAL or our UK bank account Barclays Sort code: 202608 Account Number: 73901025. We also collect any goods you have including computers, laptops, toys, books, clothes, furniture, tools anything you can think of really. We will collect in UK and Scotland. Our number is 07955289261 or email info@kayctrust.org."

Something interesting that people may not know...

"Kungoyedzawo Children’s Charity is not a new charity, our founders Mr and Mrs Rukazhanga were for many years doing many charitable deeds in the community, for example, paying school fees, clothing, food for local children and their families and growing we did not know. As children, we would get annoyed of having a house full and having to share food and clothes with strangers. However, with age and knowledge, we appreciated their efforts and started doing the same. The charity took 7 years to register and finally we got the registration in January 2017. Unfortunately, our founder did not get to see the day as he passed 2 days before the registration came through."

Kungoyedzawo Children’s Charity really is an outstanding charity and we're so proud of Vim and the whole team who contribute their time, efforts and money toward the cause. We'd really appreciate it if any of our team could donate or even just share this blog to raise awareness - every penny counts! 

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