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Unacceptable Timesheets

Article Date: 24-01-2019

This is an announcement to all Support Workers, if you feel like this doesn’t affect you please read anyway as people’s standards of timesheet submissions drop over time.

Recently we’ve had timesheets being handed into us that are unacceptable of quality.

Things that contribute to a timesheet being deemed unacceptable are as follows:

  • Pixelated Images – Please use a substantial camera so that we can read the writing on your timesheet, otherwise your pay will be delayed.
  • Darkness – Your photo should also be well lit and there shouldn’t be any shadows on the page, ensuring that we can read the text.
  • Backgrounds – We do not wish to see your tablecloths, floors or backgrounds of any kind surrounding the timesheet. Please make sure only the timesheet is visible in the image you take.
  • Outdated Timesheets – Please double check you have the most recent version of our timesheet from the website before you send it in. You can find this on the ‘Resources’ page.

What should it look like?

We wouldn’t give you a problem without a solution now, would we?

That’s why you can find the example timesheet we give to new starters from the induction pack below – here’s the perfect example of how we’d like it to look!

Please note, failure to comply with these regulations could result in your timesheet being rejected and delayed – meaning you won’t be paid until the following week.

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