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Anthony's Insight: Tips for an Amazing Holiday

Article Date: 22-07-2019

Holidays, the best time of the year. We’re not talking about season’s greetings though, we mean those times where you can sit back and relax. For a support worker or carer though, booking a holiday can be a challenge with so many factors to consider – good thing we’re putting all our tips into one place to help out!

Here’s what we think are definitely great tips to booking a holiday:

Use Price Comparison Sites
You’ve heard of Trivago, Kayak and WeHoliday, right? Well these websites are the three giants in holiday comparison and therefore the trusty tools that you should be using to take down holidaymakers and their rip-off prices for a week or two away. Bargain hunters rejoice, save your pennies and get browsing now.

Book Off-Season
This might not be such a good idea if you’re planning on going away with a young family, but if you don’t have that kind of responsibility off-season is the way to go. Picture this… scorching temperatures, empty pools, peace and quiet, no queues for the bar. It’s the ideal couple’s holiday away and it's even perfect if you're planning to go away with a few friends. Booking in late September to early October is the ideal time for a peaceful holiday.

Work Hard
Working hard really does pay off, and if you’re struggling to save for a holiday why not pick up a couple of extra shifts per week and put the money you earn from these to one side? You’ll be on your way to your next sun-filled adventure in no time! We offer shifts across the North of England and the West Midlands so you’ve got plenty choice of where to pick up your next shifts.

If you have any other questions about shifts or general enquiries please call 01422 357 707 or email enquiries@estio.com

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