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Temp-To-Perm: The Benefits

Article Date: 22-07-2019

At Estio Healthcare, our shifts come in a range of varieties. The settings, requests and even length is unique to every shift. We also offer temp-to-perm roles at Estio Healthcare, staff members looking for something more permanent will find this article useful.

From an employee’s point of view, the employers are typically seen as the people getting the benefits out of temp-to-perm roles. However, there’s advantages to you from temp-to-perms that you might not have considered.

Skill Development
In temp-to-perm roles, you’ll be trained on the job if you’re dealing with areas that you’re not too strong or familiar with. You’re essentially gaining free transferable skills that you can add onto your CV for work experience, this makes your applications to other employers more appealing.

Assess the Role
So, let’s say you get the temp-to-perm that you’ve applied for. Congrats! Now’s your opportunity to scout out what you like and perhaps dislike about the working environment you’re in. After all, you haven’t yet signed a permanent contract so if you’ve decided that this role isn’t the fit for you, there’s always other roles at Estio.

Nothing’s Promised
Let’s remember you’re not getting yourself into anything too serious at first, so for all the indecisive people out there, this is a great way to try out different workplaces until you find the right one. You haven’t promised an employer that you’re going to stay on – so you don’t have to feel awkward about leaving to find the place to suit you.

If you’re interested in temp-to-perm roles with Estio Healthcare contact us on 01422 357 707 or visit www.estio.com for more information.

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