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Staying Cool in Summer

Article Date: 17-07-2019

Unless you’re an Olympian, it’s safe to say nobody looks too great breaking a huge sweat, and with August just around the corner it’s important that we remind our staff to stay cool during summer. We’ve even compiled a list of our favourite keep-cool tips, take a look for yourself.

Hydration Is Key
You may not exactly feel thirsty, but your brain and body will thank you later for keeping yourself topped up with water during a hot summers day. Have a think about investing in a water bottle with inbuilt ice pistons or reusable ice cubes which can come in handy to grab on the go.

Appropriate Clothing
As trendy as it may currently be to wear oversized jumpers in the middle of summer, this isn’t the most practical outfit choice for the work that our carers and support workers do. Plain polo shirts is what’s expected of our workers paired with plain smart trousers. Flip-flops, heels and wedges aren’t permitted on site – please wear smart shoes.

Protect Your Skin
The British summer maybe hasn’t been that much of a summer so far this year, but for support workers on the move always carry with you a travel sized bottle of sun cream, you might never know when you’ll need it.

One last thing to note, please ensure to update your availability if you’re taking time off for holiday so we don’t contact you while you’re away.

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