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Know Your Christmas Payroll

Article Date: 14-12-2018

If you’ve read our blog on changing your availability over Christmas, you’ll know that our preparations are well underway to make sure that the break over the holidays runs as smoothly as possible.

So, your payroll. How is it going to work over the break and what does this mean for when you’ll get paid? We hear your frustrations, you need to know and you need to know quickly so you know when you need to save and when you can spend.

When is Estio closed?

We’re not closing, operations will be running as usual, so if you’re trying to contact us, please ensure you’re reaching the On Call team on our usual number (01422 357707) or by emailing bookings@estio.com

When do I hand my timesheet in?

You should hand your timesheet in as usual over the holiday period, please remember that all timesheets have to be handed in by 4pm on Mondays to be processed.

When will I be paid?

Presuming that you’ve followed the above correctly you will be paid on Friday 4th January 2019 for the timesheets you submitted during our holiday break.

If you have any questions about anything you’ve just read, please feel free to contact our team on 01422 357 707 or email bookings@estio.com for more information. We’ve got you covered.

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