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Important: Bad Weather Expected Over Winter

Article Date: 24-10-2019

We’re hurdling back into winter once again, and while we’re all trying to cling onto the last bits of sunshine we can, it’s important to keep the effects of winter into the back of our minds. Especially when it comes to driving.

Drivers, it’s okay, we’ve got you covered on some things that could make your journeys a little easier this winter. If you’re not a driver it might still be worth reading on just in case you know somebody who is.

Anti-Freeze – Seems obvious enough, right? Nope. Some people may think that once they’ve got anti-freeze in their car, they don’t need to do it again until a couple years pass and their engine needs fixing or replacing. It’s generally a good idea to change out your anti-freeze solution every year before the winter with a 50/50 water to anti-freeze ratio.

Batteries – The AA claims that batteries generally last no longer than five years, and winter months can be especially taxing on your car’s juice. If your car is having trouble starting in the winter it could be your battery starting to fail. It’s recommended that you wait 30 seconds between each attempt to start the engine and that you turn off all electrically taxing devices in your car such as heated seats, lights and wipers before starting the engine – this will give it a better chance at starting up.

Visibility – With nights starting earlier, it’s definitely worth while checking that you’re able to be seen while you’re driving. Have you checked that your lights are working and your lenses are clean? While you’re checking those you might want to make sure that your lights and license plates are clean of snow – to avoid fines.

Vision – So, after checking you’re able to be seen, now it’s time to check that you can Especially when it’s a noticeably colder day, we advise that you check your windscreen for ice and snow so that you avoid breaking your wipers. You can demist your windows with air-con if it’s steaming up and if it has been snowing it’s a good idea to clean the roof of your car from snow so that it doesn’t unexpectedly fall onto your windscreen and block your view.

Before you set off…

  • Allow extra time for winter journeys.
  • Try to get up at least 10 minutes early, to give you time to de-ice the car.
  • Check fuel levels – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.
  • Don't drive with any cracks or holes in the windscreen.
  • Clear all windows using a scraper and de-icer.
  • If available, use a cigarette lighter to warm a key for a frozen lock.
  • Plan routes to favour major roads, which are more likely to be cleared and gritted.
  • Don't drive with a cold if you're feeling unwell and on any medicine that could make you drowsy.

We hope these tips helped!

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