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Have you checked out the Estio App?

Article Date: 10-12-2018

Here at Estio Healthcare, we’re certain that we’re unrivaled in making our Support Workers feel comfortable, assisted and happy with their placements. After all, you don’t become a leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency with 10 years’ experience and a CQC Rated ‘Good’ status if your workers don’t stick around to see it.

We believe that innovation and quality customer service are the two key aspects of longevity and that’s why we’ve recently developed our own Estio Healthcare app for our Support Workers.

What’s that you say? You haven’t downloaded it yet?

Don’t worry, it’s live and available on Android and Apple as you’re reading this very article.

We know what you’re thinking, “what’s that catch” and the truth is, there isn’t. Don’t get us wrong though, the app is a premium service but we designed it for you and it will remain a free service for as long as we’re around.

But what are the benefits to you, well let’s see…

  • On The Go – Who needs a desktop? Not Estio Healthcare workers! You could be on the bus, perhaps you’re catching up with a friend in a coffee shop, that doesn’t stop you from completing the tasks you need to do with our app.
  • It’s Free – We’ve said this already, but we just want to put emphasis on the ‘free’ aspect of the app – at no point will you ever be charged for using the app. The only thing you’ll ever need to give to us on the app is your timesheet or your applications for shifts.
  • Easy To Use – We’ve designed a user-friendly interface, with clear titles and graphics to help you along the way, we’re sure you’ll get the hang of the app in a jiffy.
  • Storage Space Friendly – Apple users listen up, if you’re worried about seeing that dreaded storage warning box, don’t worry! We thought this through and that’s why the app takes up less than 10mb of storage – yet it’s just as powerful as our website, now that’s smart.

We put our workers at the forefront of our decisions, after all, if it weren’t for you there’d be no Estio Healthcare!

If you’re struggling to use the app or have any questions about Estio, please give us a call on 01422 357 707 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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