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Feature Blog: Andy's Man Club

Article Date: 09-07-2019

This month we’re speaking to local charity Andy’s Man Club to get more information about the charity as a whole, what it aims to do and to raise awareness for the amazing work they do in our local community and across the UK.

Andy's Man Club was formed almost 3 years ago after the tragic suicide of Andy Roberts.

“Andy Roberts was 23 years old when he killed himself without any sign, signal or warning. The resultant devastation that hit his family was also followed by something more positive – his brother-in-law, professional rugby player Luke Ambler, became determined to prevent as many families as he could from going through such a trauma.”

“He formed a men’s group called Andy's Man Club, which in almost three years has become one of the most important organisations working to help men today – our group sessions are changing the lives of hundreds who found themselves overwhelmed at some point in their life and are continuing to grow in number at a remarkable rate. Currently almost 600 men attend one of our 20 clubs across the UK.”

Andy’s Man Club is proof for the need of services designed for men as a safe environment to talk about the challenges they face, without fear of being judged.

“With our growing band of Andy's Man Club members, the word is getting out there that we no longer need to keep our struggles to ourselves, and that true male bravery is about daring to open up, not burying your feelings away.”

“Andy's Man Club is a peer to peer support group that runs every Monday night at 7pm (Except Bank Holidays). There is no referral, no signing in, no registration and no cost. Any man over 18 is welcome to come along, grab a brew and talk as much or as little as he’s comfortable. Men do not need to have had suicidal thoughts or a mental health conditions to attend. They can just be going through one of life’s storms and need a place to share.”

If at any point you're feeling particularily overwhelmed outside of Andy's Man Club and would like to speak to somebody anonymously you can contact Samaritans on 116 123.

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