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Don't Forget to Change Your Clocks

Article Date: 23-10-2018

The sun is setting sooner, the nights are getting colder, everyone is getting their winter coats on as the cold sets in and we’re all wondering when to change our clocks back. That’s right, we do it at roughly the same time on an annual basis but it’s so hard to remember when to change our clocks back.

When do the clocks go back?

For those of you with a mobile phone, you should be okay – your machine should have your back and will update according to the time change. However if you’re a little more manual with your time keeping, you should probably keep the 28th October marked in your diary as you’ll need to set the clocks back an hour at 2am. This will leave you with an extra hour in bed, something every Support Worker dreams of!

Fun fact: Changing the clocks an hour began more than 100 years ago, when parliament passed the Summer Time Act in 1916, thereby creating British Summer Time. It was the result of a campaign started in 1907 by William Willett to stop people wasting valuable hours of light in the summer months and to save fuel during the war.

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