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Christmas and Public Transport

Article Date: 16-12-2018

Some of our Support Workers rely solely on public transport to get to and from their shifts, is this you? Even if it isn't you we think you might want to keep reading, your daily vehicle may one day break down.

The holiday season is known for disruption, delays in public transport and the classical long traffic queue from place to place. It's for this reason that we've devised a plan for you to use if you take or are thinking of taking public transport this holiday season. Some of you that frequently travel via public transport will know that trains don't run on bank holidays, Crossley Taxis in Halifax charge the normal rate on Christmas day should you need one.

  • Plan your route - Google maps has recently added a feature that allows you to check traffic jams ahead of time, even if you're going to be using public transport - gone are the days where you set off fifteen minutes early and just hope for the best. With this new feature you can accurately 'guesstimate' when you're due to set off and when you're due to arrive to your destination.
  • Check social media - If you're travelling by bus especially, social media can be a key factor in finding out if a bus is cancelled. Much like Estio Healthcare, big names in the transport industry like Arriva, Northern Rail and Virgin Trains give frequent travel updates on their social media pages, especially if they're having difficulties.
  • Lateness - If you think you're going to be late because you've missed your bus/train or the delays are especially bad, please let Estio Healthcare know as soon as possible so that we can inform the client. Please note: it is not your place to inform the client of your lateness.

There you go, a top to bottom of all things 'public transport', may the weather be in your favour and may the delays stay short.

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