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Anthony's Insight: Estio Healthcare’s Staff Training

Article Date: 31-05-2019

Disclaimer: Anthony’s Insights represents one member of staff’s views and not the opinion of Estio Healthcare as a whole.

A few weeks back my manager and I decided it would be beneficial if I got an insight into what our workers experience in their training with Estio with the intentions of finding ways it could be improved/made smoother for candidates.

However, while I was on the training there were some things that were mentioned that opened my eyes a little as to some of the issues that can occur on the job.

What first struck me was that it’s been reported that sometimes when carers take their clients out for errands like shopping, they have the ability to abuse their power and steal from the client. To give you an example of this let’s say a carer took a client to Tesco for their shopping and when it came to pay the carer used their own Tesco Clubcard to collect the shopping points, when they should have used the client’s as they’re paying for the shopping. I’m sure most people would agree with me in saying that this is clearly theft as the points the carer stole from the client could have been used to discount the client’s next shop – not to mention the carer contributes no money towards the shopping (as they shouldn’t).

Another example of this kind of petty theft I was shocked by was when a client would be cheated out of a ‘BOGOF’ deal. Let’s say a client bought a loaf of bread on a deal where they got a second loaf free and the carer stole the second loaf. While yes, the second loaf was technically free, the client paid for the initial loaf which enabled the free loaf to be taken home. This is an appalling example of the thefts that can happen to unaware clients due to some greedy carers thinking this is acceptable or justified behaviour – when that is simply not the case.

As an outsider to the everyday lives of carers I was stunned by the audacity and entitlement some carers seem to think they have. It seems that this is a more common phenomenon than I initially thought too, while chatting to some of the new recruits they informed me that this happened a lot in other places they worked before Estio.

It’s simply taking advantage of people who are incapable of defending their rights and should be stopped.

At Estio we’d like to think that our carers respected and actively defended our client’s rights, however on the rare occasion that you see or hear about such an incident please inform an Estio Healthcare member of staff on 01422 357 707 and act now.

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